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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Ageless Happiness, In Quest Of Blog | 1 comment

Holiday Cheer and a Little Equilibrium

Wednesday night, I got together with some friends for our monthly “Girls Night Out” and some holiday cheer. Lots of it. I got home around 11:00. This isn’t all that late – but I awoke the next day feeling tired.

The following night, I attended the annual holiday party hosted each year by a local group I belong to… followed by a second party sponsored by a favorite supermarket chain. Again, I got home at 11:00. My husband was already in bed, but awake. I crawled in next to him and announced “I’m too old for this.”

When did I become such a wuss?

I remember going out for dinner and drinks with friends nearly every night of the week when I was single, staying up past midnight with nary a care. I would get up early, get to work on time and do it all over again. Even after we got married, my husband and I used to stay downtown after work, enjoying restaurant happy hours and dinners until the traffic let up. No problem at all.

That all ended after our daughter was born, and over the course of her young life, we developed a different pattern: dinner at home and finished quickly so we can watch our favorite shows.

What a couple of bores.

I joke about being anti-social, and there’s more than a little truth to that. I am so comfortable in my routine that I often need a lot of nudging to leave the house after dark. Once I’m there, I tend to enjoy myself – but I pay for it the next morning.

As I did today.

It’s only December 7. Will I make it to New Year?

I’ll let you know.

1 Comment

  1. You are not a wuss… you’re just out of shape! If you socialize 5 nights a week for four weeks, it will turn into a habit and you won’t feel any pain anymore.

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